Bubble Soccer

Product Summary:

You knew they’d come up with an inflatable version of Soccer eventually!

One of the world’s favorite sports comes to you in a way you’ve never experienced before.  It’s half wacky and half actually competitive, and 100% a crowd-pleaser.  We bring you Bubble Soccer!  Players on each team get fitted into protective inflatable bubble ball suits creating a cushion of air surrounding them—perfect for absorbing bumps from opposing players and essential for delivering some competitive knocks as well.

Once the game begins, players must work together passing the ball around to try and score on the opposing team’s net.  Sounds easy…just try to keep your balance with all the bumping and bouncing off of each other around that’ll be going on.

We can accommodate the standard 5 vs. 5 and more if required.  Games can either be timed or played to a certain number of goals, or if it’s just for casual fun, we don’t have to keep score or time and we’ll let you have at it as long as your heart desires.

Bubble Soccer provides great fun for company picnics as well as high school and college events!


Colors: Red and Blue Teams
Recommended Ages: 10 to Adult
Space Requirements (L x W x H): 40' x 80'
Max. No. of Simultaneous Participants: 12
Max Wt. Each Participant (Lbs.): 250
Min. Participant Height: 3' 6"
Max. Participant Height: 6' 4"
Approx. No. of Participants/Hour 72
No. of 110V 20A Circuits Req. Within 100': 1
Item Weight (Lbs.): 300
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