Interactive Games

Get ready to be rocked and socked inside our inflatable Bouncy Boxing ring. Participants spar [...]

A universal favorite for virtually any event! Two participants put on harnesses attached to bungee [...]

A proven favorite for any event. Guests enter the Cash Cube and step into a [...]

A proven favorite for any event. Guests enter the Cash Cube and step into a [...]

It’s a duel to the end with this game of strategy, strength, and determination that [...]

Which gladiator can stay on the pedestal the longest without being knocked off? It’s back [...]

Towering an impressive 26 feet above the ground, everyone will want a chance to be [...]

Play Ball! Potential major league players and others can step up and test their throwing [...]

Who hasn’t fantasized about knocking someones head off? Now’s your chance. Custom artwork available upon request!

Defy gravity by running and clinging to our Sticky Wall, a busy activity at most [...]

Bring the logrolling tradition of northeastern lumberjacks to your event with our Lagoon of Doom. [...]

Those daring enough to slip into our Sumo wrestling suits will have a barrel of [...]

Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s [...]

The hunt is on the moment you enter this alien spaceship with your special-issue laser [...]

Step right up and take your pick of fun! Will it be the football throw? [...]

You’ll have a ball — literally — with our brand new C4 Criss Cross competition. [...]

This is a variation of our extremely popular Gladiator Jousting with a new element of [...]

How limber are you? We’ve all played this game but Blue Apple Productions takes it [...]

WOW, this is Dodge Ball to the extreme! Four players enter the dome and each [...]

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