Flip Your Lid

Product Summary:

Keep your head on straight!

Go ahead, knock each other’s heads off!  It’s all fun and games in this jousting activity where players don foam upper body suits and try to use their jousting poles to knock off each other’s foam heads off.   Don’t worry though, players safely peer through the chests of the suits and the heads are just Velcroed-on toppings.  It’s an action filled game perfect for any event, but especially great when you need to create a spectacle—pep-rally, half-time show, fundraiser, etc.


Colors: Blue, Red
Recommended Ages: 10 to Adult
Space Requirements (L x W x H): 15' x 15'
Max. No. of Simultaneous Participants: 2
Max Wt. Each Participant (Lbs.): N/A
Min. Participant Height: N/A
Max. Participant Height: N/A
Approx. No. of Participants/Hour 75
No. of 110V 20A Circuits Req. Within 100': N/A
Item Weight (Lbs.): 45
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