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Hop into Spring 2018—with these 3 event entertainment ideas!

Posted on: March 13th, 2018 by greg No Comments

Spring is only one week away!

We got the reminder this past weekend to “spring forward,” and that lost hour of sleep really threw me off.  The next night, after adjusting the clocks, I found myself awake in the wee hours.  It’s a rough change of pace, but just the right wake-up call we all need to remind us that longer, warmer days are closer than we think!

Looking ahead, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the Spring, and here’s just a few ideas to get your wheels turning.

1.       Something simple, yet quite fitting—Pony Hops.

Here’s your chance to literally “hop” into Spring.  Our Pony Hops are inflatable ponies that you straddle and sit down on, then using a strategic hopping motion (requiring both upper and lower body strength), are able to move forward with while riding.  These are perfect additions to field days where a racing element plays well.  Kids will love these and adults will want to hop on for a few turns themselves.

2.       Don’t just hop, but launch!  The Launch Pad.

It would have been too easy for me to recommend a bounce house.  Going a few steps further than that, one of our newest interactive inflatables, The Launch Pad, takes bouncing to new heights.  As opposed to bouncing on a pillow of air inside a traditional bounce house, The Launch Pad actually has a trampoline built in to it!  Take a few good hops on the trampoline and then launch yourself through the air and land in a pit of cushions just like Hollywood stunt people would.  You’ll be sure to get some great mid-air photos with this attraction.

3.       Embrace nature with Build a Buddy (or Build a Bunny)!

The warming weather always leads to our friendly little critters coming out to play again.  Channel that concept and add a unique twist to you event with our Build a Buddy Make & Take Program.  It’s a mobile animal stuffing station brought right to your event.  Participants build their very own 16” plush animal.  We carry over 50 different animal varieties, but this time of year we highly recommend our three different bunny designs!  After selecting the animal, it’s stuffing time—while stuffing, a wishing star goes inside to make the animals “come to life.”  Next, a made-to-order, miniature t-shirt featuring your custom logo can be slipped onto your new friend.  Once you select a name for your animal, the special birth certificate makes it all official.  Then the final piece of the assembly is a cradle for safe travels home.

These are just a few fun ideas for you.  Check out our website for more fun options.

Best of luck hopping into Spring!

Let us know if we can help you with any event entertainment or if we can assist with adding a little bounce to your step this Spring!