Climb The Ladder

Product Summary:

Climbing, with a possible twist!

Think you’ve got superior climbing skills?  We’ll let this inflatable be the judge of that.  Our Climb the Ladder inflatable (also known as Jacob’s Ladder) brings you a brand-new challenge to conquer—climbing up a rope ladder that’s anchored to pivot points set to roll you over if your balance is lost.

Although it’s a race between two players, it’s normally the slow and steady racer that prevails.  It’ll take every ounce of balance and coordination you’ve got to make it to the top without flipping over onto the inflatable.  You’ll rock ever so slightly side to side on the way up, but one wrong move and it’s over.

Spectators will either be cheering you on to success or jeering you to a misstep so they can see you flip over!

Lots of fun to be had on this unique interactive attraction.  It’s a great addition to any event that needs a competitive element.


Colors: Red, Blue, Black
Recommended Ages: 6 to Adult
Space Requirements (L x W x H): 20' x 15' x 10'
Max. No. of Simultaneous Participants: 2
Max Wt. Each Participant (Lbs.): 250
Min. Participant Height: 3' 6"
Max. Participant Height: 6' 4"
Approx. No. of Participants/Hour 60
No. of 110V 20A Circuits Req. Within 100': 1
Item Weight (Lbs.): 350
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