Sticky Wall

Defy gravity by running and clinging to our Sticky Wall, a busy activity at most any event. Participants slip into a special suit (available in a variety of sizes), get a running start, and leap against the wall. Those with a competitive spirit will see who can jump the highest or stick in the craziest position.

Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Recommended Ages: 8 to Adult
Space Requirements (L x W x H): 31' x 21' x 15'
Max. No. of Simultaneous Participants: 1
Max Wt. Each Participant (Lbs.): 250
Min. Participant Height: 3' 6"
Max. Participant Height: 6' 4"
Approx. No. of Participants/Hour 50
No. of 110V 20A Circuits Req. Within 100': 1
Item Weight (Lbs.): 250
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